About this course

This course is run by renowned five-time author and international teacher Suryacitta Malcolm Smith. Suryacitta is known for his simplicity and clarity of teaching. 

"Suryacitta, probably the best mindfulness teacher in the UK." Ed McBain

This is not just another mindfulness course. Its purpose is not just to tell you about mindfulness but to support and encourage the transformation of yourself, and thereby your relationships.

Mindfulness is often taught as a way to fix your life as though life were a problem and it can be fixed. The problem is not life but the fact that our minds are confused. Because of this basic confusion, we suffer in many ways. One way, for example, is that without fail, have a very fixed picture in our heads of how life should be. Not only that, we also have a picture of how we believe we should be and how other people should be. This is the problem. Life will never meet our picture of it for very long because life is unpredictable and uncertain and when it doesn’t meet our demands we get upset, angry, sad, frustrated and so on. We cling to our limited and fixed view of life and this is the problem.

On this course, Suryacitta will show you how you create and cling to your picture of life, and more importantly how through mindfulness you can begin to let go of this picture. Once you begin to see your picture as a simply a picture, you naturally relax, and are able to enjoy the richness of life and be at ease with the unpredictability of it.

During this course, Suryacitta takes profound truths of life and makes them accessible and easily understandable for all. The teachings are simple, direct and practical without jargon and unnecessary complexity.

On completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Mindfulness CIC Suryacitta's non-profit mindfulness company in the United Kingdom.


The course is suitable for complete beginners who are interested in learning mindfulness from an experienced practitioner and teacher.

It is suitable for those with a practice who feel stuck and want to shift their practice to a deeper level.

It is suitable for anybody wanting to learn mindfulness then to move onto Suryacitta’s How to teach mindfulness with confidence and ease teaching training programme on Udemy.



The course is organised into eight teaching sessions with a guided meditation for each. The themes covered include:

The Jewel in the ice - we start the journey with a beautiful image, that of a jewel in a block of ice. The jewel representing your essential nature of ease and joy. And the ice representing your barriers to accessing this precious jewel of joy. Suryacitta shows how to melt the ice and gain access to your birthright of joy and ease.

Being at Home - Your body, this present moment is your true home, however, most of the time you are away from home living in your head. Suryacitta shows you how to live “at home” and to wake up to the life which you have here and now.

Living in the Present - Building on session two and including a number of tools and techniques for everyday life you will be shown what living in the present moment really is and how to do it.

Calming the Chattering mind - Your mind engages in meaningless chatter all day long often leaving you feeling anxious, edgy and exhausted. During this session you will find out why, but more importantly what you can do about it.

Dancing with Dragons - Here you will be shown how to ‘meet and greet’ your difficult emotions and how to soothe them with very simple techniques and kindness to yourself.

The ABC of Mindfulness - This is Suryacitta’s own favourite session and often leaves students speechless. During it, Suryacitta shows you the secret to a happy life and it's not what you think it is.

Compassion Meditation - During this session you will be introduced to what compassion really is. Compassion is not being overly nice and always agreeable. True compassion’s sole intention is to relieve the pain of ourself and others. Suryacitta will discuss compassion and introduce you to compassion meditation.

Maintaining Practice and what next - In this session Suryacitta will remind you of the key elements of the course and how to establish a regular practice. He will discuss any obstacles you may encounter on your journey. He will guide you towards overcoming these obstacles. He will also let you know what else is available such as his excellent mindfulness teacher training course on Udemy - How to Teach Mindfulness with Confidence and Ease should you wish to go on to teach mindfulness yourself.


  • You want to learn mindfulness from a teacher with over 30 years of experience

  • You want to know how to apply mindfulness in every area of your life

  • You want to bring about change in your close relationships

  • You want to know why you have a busy, chattering mind and how to calm it

  • You want to know how to work with difficult feelings and emotions

  • You want to know what it really means to live in the present and how to do it

  • You want to learn mindfulness not just with concepts but via stories and metaphors

  • You want to be surprised by mindfulness and not bored by it

What you’ll learn

  • What mindfulness is and is not
  • Why you have a chattering mind and how to calm it
  • How to understand anxiety and panic and how to be free of them
  • How to be free from the tyranny of overthinking and over analysing
  • In very simple and practical ways how to bring mindfulness into your relationships bringing more harmony and understanding
  • How to be at ease with difficult emotions such as fear, anger and worry
  • Understanding sadness and why its natural
  • To understand loneliness and sadness and how to be at ease with them
  • What living in the present really means and how to do it
  • How to get out of your head and start living
  • The four truths of life

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No prior experience is necessary
  • A willingness to be surprised and to see your life transformed

Who this course is for:

  • The course is suitable for anybody interested in learning mindfulness from an experienced practitioner and teacher
  • It is suitable for those with a practice who feel stuck and want to shift their practice to a deeper level
  • It is suitable for anybody wanting to learn mindfulness then to move onto Suryacitta’s teaching training programme on Udemy

Your course curriculum

What you will learn

  • 01

    Welcome to Mindfulness and Compassion made simple, plain and practical!

  • 02

    The Jewel in the Ice

    • The Jewel in the Ice

    • How to Meditate

    • Guided Meditation - Mindfulness of Breathing

    • Home Practice - The Jewel in the Ice

  • 03

    Being at Home

    • Recap - The Jewel in the Ice

    • Being at Home

    • The Two Daggers Metaphor

    • Guided meditation - Being at Home

    • Home Practice

  • 04

    Living in the Present

    • Recap - Being at Home

    • Living in the Present

    • Pauses - Interruptions During the Day

    • Bursting Your Ballons - Picture of Life

    • Guided Meditation

    • Home Practice

  • 05

    Calming the Chattering Mind

    • Recap - Living in the Present

    • Calming the Chattering Mind

    • Upadana - Fish Unhooking from Thoughts

    • Thought Labelling

    • Guided Meditation - Being at Home

    • Home Practice

  • 06

    Dancing with Dragons

    • Dancing with Dragons

    • Room with Two Doors

    • Guided Meditation - Being at Home

    • Guided Meditation - Dancing with Dragons

    • Home Practice

  • 07

    The ABC of Mindfulness

    • Recap - Dancing with Dragons

    • The ABC of Mindfulness

    • Life Doesn't Need Fixing

    • Guided Meditation - Just Sitting

    • Home Practice - ABC of Mindfulness

  • 08

    Compassion Meditation

    • Recap - ABC of Mindfulness

    • What is Compassion

    • Compassion Meditation

    • The Wisdom of Sadness

    • Home Practice - Compassion Meditation

  • 09

    Maintaining Practice and what's next

    • Recap on the course...

    • Nexting

    • Four Truths

    • What Now?