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Happiness and How it Happens - Finding contentment through mindfulness

“A perfect beginners handbook. Absolutely spot on and beautifully designed.”

"A perfect beginners handbook. Absolutely spot on and beautifully designed.”

Emma Thompson – Oscar winning actress

“…The central idea is that we allow unhappiness into our lives by worrying about what has happened in our past, or by what might happen in our future. This is the in-a-nutshell takeaway that I got from this brilliant book. I’ve now been thinking about and putting into practice the concepts in this book for just three days. The result has been simply amazing. My state of happiness has increased significantly in this short time…”

Daryl Brick, Australia

“This book has changed my life. I absolutely love this book, and so does my husband. We have both re-read it. It is the sort of book that you could read a little bit of everyday for the rest of your life because the content is so meaningful.”

Karen, Leicestershire

Mindfulness and Compassion - embracing life with Loving Kindness

Suryacitta writes in a way that everyone can understand and relate to. I found his book fascinating and enlightening. The flow of the book allows readers to get in touch with and understand compassion and mindfulness and it introduces readers gently to a range of meditation practices that can undoubtedly change their lives for the better.

Suryacitta deals with the difficult side of life in his book, pointedly reminding readers that we create our experience and indeed have the power to manifest and flourish good in our lives ourselves. Although educational in context in terms of introducing those new and those more experienced to aspects of compassionate mindful living, the book generates a real confidence in how to bring loving kindness to life. Embracing life with loving kindness is a practical guide to understanding why we find ourselves in difficulty and just how we can get out and completely flourish.

This book is one that is written with compassion and is not a heavy read, it is quite the opposite, hard to put down. I would recommend this read to anyone, not only those with good knowledge and an established practice of mindfulness, but those starting out or considering starting.”


A Mindful Life, who’s this in the shower with me? - How to get out of your head and start living

Suryacitta’s third of his books on mindfulness and life. This beautiful book contains stories, reflections and anecdotes from his own life of 30 years of dedicated practice.

The book contains humorous stories along with anecdotes and reflections on suffering and death.

In his previous two books, Suryacitta managed to communicate profound truths in ways that were accessible and jargon-free. This book is similar. It is refreshing to find a voice that says it as it is.

“Your books are profound, wise, so clear and well written. Reading them is a wonderful calming experience. Thank you” D

A Mindfulness Teacher's Handbook - Surprise your Student not just by what you teach, but by how you teach

“I love the simplicity and use of metaphors and after studying with Suryacitta recently , it’s an amazing guide !.”

Susan – Amazon Review

“…I've learned so much from this book and I know I will come back many times.

I would highly recommend it to any meditation teacher.”

Marianna - Amazon Review

“I really enjoyed this read. It brings lessons and ideas to life. It illustrates how teaching should be, inspiring and from the heart.”

Shazrob - Amazon Review

"Simple, elegant, beautiful. A fantastic book that will be cherished and opened many times. Can highly recommend!"

RH - Amazon Review